Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

End Your Summer Siesta With A Fabulous Fiesta: Tips For Throwing A Great Latin-Inspired Backyard Bash

Mike Mckinney

The perfect way to celebrate summer is with a lively party, and a Latin-themed fiesta could be just the thing to get ready for the winter ahead. Invite friends, family, and neighbors for a backyard bash inspired by the sights, sounds, and flavors of Latin America and enjoy something unique and different from a traditional block party or barbecue.

Some tips for hosting an authentic Latin-inspired party this summer include:

The atmosphere. The most effective way to set the mood for your party is with music. Project Latin dance videos on an exterior wall of the home, or blast some upbeat music through speakers, which can be rented from most party rental companies. Guests will want to get up and move when they hear the Latin beats pulsating through your yard. Check out websites like Vida Primo to find some great videos and music.

The decor. Use vibrant colors for your fiesta with streamers and balloons. Set picnic tables up in the yard, and create a comfortable seating area in the shade for those guests that want to get out of the sun for a bit. Fill a piñata with candy and trinkets for kids to enjoy while adults visit and enjoy the party!

The menu. Keep your food simple and authentically Latin with flavors and spices that reflect the Latin American culture. Set up self-serve stations for guests to make their own tacos or to top freshly-fried tortillas. Serve other dishes family style, such as tamales, chili, and pico de gallo.

The drinks. Get guests in the mood with the perfect signature drink to wet their whistle.  Latin-inspired cocktails such as the Cuban Cuba Libre (rum and coke with fresh lime) or the Puerto Rican Piña Colada are easy to make and both require a single spirit: good rum. Make sure to offer a non-alcoholic version of your frozen drink for younger guests or those that don't care to imbibe.  

The details. Pay attention to details that can make your party seem more authentic as well as that will lend to the fun. For instance, consider a Latin dance contest with a prize for the best performance. Fill goodie bags for each guest to take home with candy, mini-maracas, and chili pepper confetti.

Invite friends and loved ones to something fun and invigorating with a Latin-inspired fiesta. Take care to create an atmosphere that is colorful and cheery, while serving authentic fare that will be enjoyed by all. Visit vendors in your area for goods needed to pull off your party, including décor and audio equipment to bring a distinctive cultural element to your backyard bash.


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Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

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