Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

Top Your Talent Competition With LED Poi

Mike Mckinney

When you need a fabulous and truly unique talent for a show or festival, consider learning to juggle LED poi. 

Origins of Poi

Poi as a form of entertainment began with the indigenous people of New Zealand. They would use weighted object connected to a flexible cord as part of a dance. Poi was traditionally performed by women. 

Modern Poi

Poi performance is a growing trend among dancers, jugglers and other modern entertainers. Today's poi artists create patterns and shapes as they manipulate the poi while they dance. 

Some poi performance is done with traditional poi, while other performers use fire or lights. LED poi contains balls that light up in the darkness. This is popular among poi enthusiasts because it creates more excitement for the audience and more opportunity for the artist to create exciting patters. 

LED poi dancing is done in the dark so that the focus is on the moving lights. 

Learn the Skills

You can get started as a poi performance artist by learning a few basic skills. Watch videos or visit a poi performance for instruction. These are a few of the standard moves. 

  • The butterfly is performed with the poi spinning in circles in front of the entertainer. The poi in one hand moves clockwise while the other moves counter--clockwise. 
  • Flowers are created when the performer's arms move in large circles, and the ball on the poi moves in smaller circles. This movement creates the shape of a flower. 
  • Isolation skills are done with both ends of the poi moving in circles separately from the other. 
  • Wraps are performed by wrapping the poi around a body part or other object in order to change the direction that the poi is spinning. 
  • Stalls are transition skills where the poi appears to suddenly stop and change direction. 
  • Weaves are moves where the poi spins toward the other poi, making it appear like the two objects are crossing each other and weaving together. 

There are many variations of each of these types of skills, and experienced performers are able to invent their own. 

Create a Routine

Once you get the basic skills down, you are ready to choreograph a routine. You will likely have become proficient at certain movements that come naturally to you. String these movements together, and put your routine to music. 

Videotape yourself performing your skills so you know what the routine looks like from the audience's perspective. 

Learning to juggle LED poi is a fun and exciting way of entertaining people. You are sure to be the star of any talent show once you master this unique skill. Start by finding LED poi at places like Light up and Juggle.


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Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

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