Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

Avoiding Pinata Problems At A Birthday Party

Mike Mckinney

Parents who have made the rounds of the birthday party circuit have seen more than their share of pinatas. Kids love them. They cannot wait to grab a stick and smack the daylights out of the overstuffed donkey or princess and get to the prizes inside. Unfortunately, pinatas can actually lead to some seriously disappointed children, a major downer on the occasion of your child's birthday. As a careful parent, you can take steps to make sure the pinata is a success. 

Pull-String Pinatas

A pull-string pinata is a great idea if your child is a toddler. These special models come with ribbons attached to the bottom, and one of them is attached to a trap door. The kids can take turns pulling on strings until the right one is tugged and releases the door, letting all the goodies inside fall to the ground. They are specifically designed for kids too young to swing a stick or broom hard enough to break open the pinata. If you accidently buy one for the older crowd, the guests are likely to be disappointed. Just one swing would knock candy from the opening in the pinata, cutting  fun time quite short. 

Breaking the Pinata

Almost everyone has been present when the pinata failed to break, no matter how many times the guests hit it. Of course, you do not want the pinata to break too soon, but it needs to break before kids get tired and cranky. You can direct them to strike at the center of the bottom half, the weakest part of the pinata. If it still doesn't break, you can cut a small slit in the bottom and continue playing. The slit should weaken the pinata enough for it to crack open. If not, cut another slit or two until it surrenders.  


Candy is always a favorite pinata stuffer, but some parents don't let their kids eat candy and your could have a diabetic guest. Be sure to put other items in the pinata as well. You can stuff it with fruit snacks, crackers, erasers, and rubber toys. Put in a variety and help each child pick out a few items once the pinata contents spill out onto the ground.

Pinatas are a popular addition to any kids' party, but you need to exercise care to make sure things go smoothly. Pick the right pinata (from an outlet such as Life O' The Party) and the right prizes and then prepare to step in if the kids need help.


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Creating Memorable Entertainment for Your Parties

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